The air intake system of any combustion engine is very critical. A well designed air intake system will give the best performance in low, mid and high-end torque.

Air intake systems usually incorporate a simple filter element for prevention of foreign objects. This simple filter is usually made of paper or fibre which is low cost and needs to be replaced periodically. This simple filter although giving good filtration, also restricts air from entering into the engine.

After market drop in panel air filters are introduced to give better air flow. This usually come in the form of cotton(sandwiched by wire gauze), sponge, or high quality fibre. Most of these filters need oil to trap particles. The disadvantages are:

• Needs dedicated cleaning solution and oiling
• Not easy to maintain
• Fine oil droplets with dust might contaminate mass air flow sensor

Unlike oil-based filters, Hurricane filter causes lesser contamination to the MAF Sensor due to the absence of oil. (Note: Oil + Dust = Sticky Dirt)

Hurricane filter frames are made from specially treated rubber instead of injection molding, thus ensuring a stronger structure and longer lifespan.

With a noticeable increase in torque and power due to an easier breathing engine, one may gain extra mileage of up to 10% just by changing to Hurricane Stainless Steel Air Filter with the same driving style

Hurricane Filters are the easiest to maintain. Just use water and light soap. Blow dry and its ready to use! Cleaning is recommended during every oil change of 5,000km or 10,000km.