Hurricane believes in quality and performance. Hurricane Air Filter Element uses Japan's highest grade Stainless Steel for our filter element. The uniform microscopic holes on Hurricane wire mesh ensures very consistent filtration and airflow. Thus allowing engines to breathe better as compared to the inconsistent airflow of cotton/foam filter. With a simple Hurricane panel filter, you can expect a decent horse power gain from mid to high RPM. Acceleration is smoother and faster. The feeling is like changing to an open pod air filter. Hurricane filter will still deliver its promised filtration without compromise under extreme temperature. The filter element is strong and will not be easily shifted even under extreme pressure.

More Power, Smoother Acceleration

Increase in power due to higher air flow. Significant mid to high end torque gain

Prolong Lifespan Of MAF Sensor

Lesser contamination of MAF sensor

Easiest To Maintain

No oiling needed, just wash and blow dry

Longer Lasting, More Durable Than Other Leading Brands

Element made from Stainless Steel, frame made from high quality treated rubber. Will not melt or warp under extreme heat.

Fully LTA Compliant

Fitting Hurricane air filters will not affect the structural integrity of the vehicle